can cbd oil make you fail a drug test

Can CBD Oil Make You Fail a Drug Test?

As CBD keeps taking over the world, many people are asking one burning question: can I fail a drug test for using CBD oil?

Drug tests have become quite common in the workplace, especially in the US, what with the opioid crisis still going on. Most of the time, they’re completely random, so you can’t know when your employer will ask you to take one.

But should you be worried at all? Can CBD show up on a drug test? Read on to find out more about this topic.

Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

CBD doesn’t usually make people fail a drug screening. The “usually” part doesn’t sound good. But, bear with us for a moment.

Pure CBD oil can’t make you fail a drug test.

You could fail a drug test only if the CBD oil (or any other CBD product) that you used contains THC.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a psychoactive compound derived from cannabis plants, such as marijuana and hemp. This compound is the one that creates that “high” effect associated with marijuana, which is why it is illegal.

CBD can’t get you high, nor is it illegal.

Now, CBD oil comes from cannabis plants. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it contains THC. If extracted properly, it may contain a trace amount of THC or none at all. It all depends on the way the manufacturer extracts it.

But even if a particular CBD oil contains a tiny bit of THC, it usually doesn’t exceed 0.3%. At least, it shouldn’t, since it would be illegal otherwise. That’s why you should always purchase from reliable sources.

So, for your drug screening to potentially be positive, you would need to use impure CBD oil in huge amounts daily. That’s the only way THC from the oil would trigger positive results.

Therefore, it’s not CBD that could come in the way of you passing a drug test – it’s THC.

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3 Reasons Why Your Drug Screening Could Be Positive While Using CBD Oil

There are three primary reasons why people may fail their drug screenings while using CBD oil.

1. Using Impure CBD Oil

As already mentioned, THC is to blame for a failed drug test – not CBD.

Many manufacturers openly sell products that come with a hint of THC, while others claim their products don’t contain any. Many of them are not particularly honest.

So, if you believe that the CBD oil you’re using is completely pure, you might be wrong.

Others claim that their CBD oil comes from the hemp plant, which doesn’t have more than 0.3% of THC. However, this isn’t always the case.

It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to actually extract CBD oil from marijuana (which carries higher THC levels) and simply mislabel their products.

Again, very low THC levels don’t indicate that your drug test will be positive, but you can’t know for sure. Stronger drug tests using stronger reagents are more likely to trigger an illegal substance like THC.

2. Taking Large Quantities of CBD Oil Every Day

If you take thousands of milligrams of CBD oil per day, that means you’re also putting at least 1 mg of THC per day in your body. That’s more than enough to get you in the danger zone when taking a drug test.

So, how much CBD oil should I take, you may ask.

On average, people take about 120-160 mg of CBD oil per day, whether they use it in cooking, for massage, or anything else. Taking a lot more than this average quantity would definitely boost your chances of failing a drug screening. That is if the oil you use is not pure.

If it’s 100% pure, you can safely take higher doses, also knowing that you won’t build a tolerance, since CBD is not addictive.

3. Exposure to Second-hand THC

This one’s not very likely, but it is possible. If you sit in a room for hours on end with heavy pot smokers, you may inhale enough second-hand THC for it to show up on your drug screening.

So, even if you’re extra careful with your choosing a pure CBD oil that’s completely free of THC, an event like this could throw your efforts down the drain.

However, this is only possible if you take the test a day or two after the heavy second-hand exposure. But remember, it’s still very unlikely.

How to Pass a Drug Test When Using CBD Oil

CBD oil can provide you with many health benefits, including sleep regulation, pain relief, strengthening the immune system, improving mental well-being, and more.

So, if you use CBD oil to relieve pain or anxiety, or treat any other health condition, it’s probably out of the question to stop using it. And, why would you?

So, how can you make sure you pass a drug test?

Here’s what you should do:

  • Purchase pure CBD oil only from legitimate, reputable sources. Read unbiased online reviews, compare different providers, and thoroughly read the labels for ingredients and their concentrations.
  • Make sure third-party labs are regularly testing your chosen manufacturer’s products and that they aren’t on anyone’s paycheck for promoting CBD, THC, or similar products.
  • Ensure the CBD oil you use or plan on using comes from the hemp plant.
  • If you can, avoid hanging out in places where second-hand THC could get in the way of you passing your drug screening.

You should also get familiar with three major types of CBD oil:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oils – They have both CBD and THC, as well as other phytocannabinoids and similar compounds that you can find in hemp.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oils – These oils also come from the hemp plant, but all THC from the plant has been fully removed during the extraction.
  • CBD isolate oils – These oils contain pure CBD, without any other cannabinoid. However, you should still conduct thorough research to check for the accuracy of the labels.

Looking for CBD Oil?

Hopefully, you now have all the answers you need when it comes to passing your drug screenings while using CBD oil. It’s not CBD that could potentially make you fail, but the residual THC if the oil you use is not pure.

Here at Ultimate CBD Labs, we made it our mission to provide completely THC-free products, all of which are certified organic and clinically proven.

100% pure CBD oil is only one of a vast array of CBD products you can find in our online store, so check them out and find your favorites! If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to contact us.

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